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Welcome to our Kid's Corner!





Here at Gourmandize UK & Ireland's Kids Corner you'll find great kids recipes, ideas and tips from our expert bloggers!


Cooking with your kids is a great way to spend time and bond with them, as well as a playful way to teach them about healthy eating. It can be an educational activity without them even realising it, or an enjoyable way to spend a rainy afternoon baking bread or cakes. When cooking with kids, you can guarantee one thing - your kitchen won't stay clean for long! 


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Cooking with kids is a wonderful adventure and you'll notice they will appreciate a meal even more so when they've helped to make it themselves!



Our favourite kids recipes:


Chocolate covered Gummy bears!
A simple recipe that will require adult supervision to melt the chocolate, but once you're sure it is not too hot to touch, your kids can do the rest! From ages 2+


Eyeball pasta

This is not only a fun recipe to serve to your kids, but it also possible for them to take part to assemble the eyeballs! Requires adult preparation, from ages 5+


Chocolate Banana Lolly Pops

Chocolate covered bananas, covered in hundreds and thousands - a "healthier" lolly for your kids at snack-time. Melt the chocolate first and lt the kids dip the bananas and decorate them. From ages 3+


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Thank-you!! Such great recipes to cook with the kids and I really love the age cooking chart! A really helpful guide.

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