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At Gourmandize UK & Ireland we love to share what we're doing with you.



Here are our recent favourites:






1/ Fish and Chips Craze Hits Paris


We've been noticing more and more British inspired restaurants opening up in European cities, here's what we thought of them appearing in Paris! Sacrebleu!





2/ Top 10 American Food Habits That We Don't Understand


 Ah! Our neighbour's across pond do have some peculiar habits don't they? We've compiled a list of the strangest food customs in the US of A, with the help of our trusty American colleague, Jill.




3/ 10 Totally Useless Cooking Gadgets


 We've all seen them. Useless kitchen gadgets you absolutely don't need, but buy anyway? Here's the best of them!








What have you been loving recently? 

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