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7 Pillars of Wedding Wisdom

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 7 Pillars of Wedding Wisdom





Organising a wedding is not something you take lightly, I'd imagine. Your choice of food can make or break your wedding. Months of meticulous planning, fittings and panic attacks can be reduced to insignficant specks of dust if your wedding meal is not on point. How many horror storie have we heard of guests showing up to wedding dinnners to a underwhelming array of asparagus heads, hummous dip and breadsticks? *eye shifts*. Assuming your guests are of importance to you, you'd want them to feel as welcome, comfortable, happy and joyous on your special day, so don't disappoint. From my experience, here are some of the golden rules of wedding catering, because once you have that organised, you can relax and enjoy yourself.




  • Make your wedding fun, not stuffy



If you're going with a theme, work your catering around it. Whether you're going for vintage, rustic, glam or country, your food choice needs to reflect that theme as well as yourself. Take into account the different dietary requirements your guests may have, don't forget to work your meny into the time of the year, you don't want to be eating roast dinner in the middle of summer!



  • Print a dinner menu

Go the extra mile to not surprise your guests with a 'surprise' menu. There's nothing worse than not knowing what you're going to be eating and having to act like you love it all! If you're having trouble designing menus, go back to the theme and work from there to create them. Printed wedding menu's will also look great on your table, if they're nice enough you can pretend they're decorations!



  • Don't worry about providing family recipes


If you're great aunt Myrna is reputed for her jellied eels, then don't put them in the menu. Don't feel the pressure of using longstanding family recipes, not only will not everyone like them but it's also higly likely we've tasted them before! Go with what you want, choose what you think will be a crowd pleaser!



  • Plan snacks


Plan a cocktail hour between the ceremony and your wedding meal. This is your opportunity to go a little wild with what you serve. You want to impress your guests here, with snacks and nibbles that aren't suitable for the actual dinner. My favourite wedding was where they'd provided lavender lemonade, foie gras profiterolles (only realised they were savory until I'd lathered it in whipped cream...), and strawberry ice-cream pops to go with their 'Glamping' theme!



  • Dessert


Classic wedding cake aside, give your guests the option to choose a dessert instead! For thos who are too full to enjoy a slice of cake, they may be tempted by something lighter! Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Don't complicate it though, it can be something as simple as fruit salad, jelly etc.



  • Post-Dancing Snack


Like the snacks pre-dinner, the post-dinner snacks are even more important! Don't slack on the snacks and the nibbles just because your party is dwindling down and people are getting tired!



  • Make sure you get something to eat as well


Obvious? Sure, but you'd be surprised the amount of brides who skip our on their meal because they're looking after something else, talking to guests or too stressed to keep anything down. Make sure you take time to enjoy YOUR meal on YOUR day to avoid dancefloor fainting spells!


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