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10 Foods To Avoid During A First Date

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Ah, good old Summer. Back again, are you? Filled with cocktails, snacks, and days spent by the pool, we've missed you. But wait, what's that smell? Good lord... It must be the garlic bread from lunch. Well, I guess that can happen... Are there other foods to be cautious of? Better follow the guide below...


1) Spring Onion:  It's got a little kick, and it's fresh and
strong! Tastes so good, but why are the dogs running away whenever I get near?
2) Shallot: The result is pretty much the same as for the spring onion.
3) Cheese: Strong cheese makes any post-dinner goodbye a little bit painful. 
4) Fish Sauce: this one may not need explaining...
5) Tobacco: This smell can be hard to bear when it's on someone close to you! Doesn't matter what flavor hookah you used, we can all smell that!
6) Beer: the flies that fall to each of your burps should be given immediate medical care. 
7) Nothing: Get some food in there, stat! All those bacteria are just proliferating, the deadly flow of air coming out of hungry mouth needs to be plugged up immediately!
8) Indian Curry: However delicious, don't order this if you're on the first date and plan on going in for the smooch! 
9) Tuna Sandwiches: Mayo, fish, pickles...just saying it aloud makes breath everywhere go putrid. 
10) Garlic Bread: The stinkiest of all stinkers, the most ultimate of all side dishes, this one will inevitably be devoured, and all cares of foul breath will be forgotten the moment this heavenly gift touches your taste buds.

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