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Using Up Leftovers: The Kitchen Secrets

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At the end of every meal, we carefully package and wrap up each of our left overs, then place them lovingly in the refrigerator. “Until next time, spaghetti bolognaise,” We think to ourselves.


While it is nice to have a meal without cooking, sometimes we forget what’s actually in the fridge, only to find it days too late. It’s already mushy, moldy, or just downright gross.


What can we do when there is only a tiny bit left of each meal? Throw them away? Unthinkable! Let’s try something new.




With Chicken Leftovers


Make a salad or fried rice! A little dressing and soy sauce will go a long way.






With Rice Leftovers


Asian stir fry, dumplings, or mix in a little butter and broccoli.






With Pasta Leftovers


Baked pasta casserole!





With Stew Leftovers


Cut the meat into cubes, cover with mashed potato and enjoy!






With Old Cheese


Make cheese biscuits by mixing 1/3 cheese, 1/3 of butter and 1/3 of flour.  Roll the dough flat, chill in the fridge for one hour, then cut slices and cook in the oven at 350° for 12 minutes. This works with the soft cheeses that must be cut into cubes and hard cheeses to be grating.





With Aging Fruit


Remove the damaged parts and make smoothies or, in the case of apples, grate them add them to a cake with apples.






With Bread Leftovers


Make bread crumbs, croutons or bread soup by simply adding onion, broth and a little potato. You can also use it to make bread pudding.





With Cake Leftovers


Put your cake in milk to soften it, mix, and then filter it. This milk, now flavored, can be used to make a custard cake!




And you, what are your tricks for using up your leftovers?

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