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About Us

Gourmandize UK & Ireland

Gourmandize UK & Ireland is a recipe-sharing site added by our members, for our members. Launched in November 2013, the website of the 750 Grams International Group, was estabished by the creators the second largest cooking website in France,
Taking the same concept of sharing one’s culture, family and memories through food, Gourmandize UK & Ireland was created with the same ideals.

Originating from the French word 'Gourmand', Gourmandize means 'a person who loves food'. Here at Gourmandize UK & Ireland, we consider ourselves true gourmands. Our members can  enjoy all the social aspects of food through cooking, sharing new dishes and feature interesting food blogs of the United Kingdom and Ireland,


What sets us apart? 

Gourmandize UK & Ireland is not just another recipe website. We also offer our members the oppourtunity to create personalised printed cookbooks from our online easy-to-use studio. With the recipes our members submit, they can create thier own special cookbook to keep as thier own, to use as a blogger portfolio or give as a special gift for family and friends.


Gourmandize UK & Irleand is a community. We are passionate about providing an fun, positive environment for food lovers to come together, share their recipes and find handy cooking tips. Our aim is to bring together people of all abilities, from as many backgrounds as possible, with the common appreciation of food and cooking to unite them.


Our site is overseen by a local webmaster along with a international team of food lovers representing seven different countries


Membership is completely free


 Feel free to contact us for any further information.


Meet Our Team:


Stephanie McIntosh

Stephanie McIntosh 


International Project Coordinator 


My Specialty Dish: It has to be Spaghetti Bolognese. When meat was too expensive growing up, my Mum would make a bulgur wheat vegetarian version. To be honest, I remember it being quite tasty. However, it could never beat my dad’s hearty Bolognese that he left to simmer away for hours. In his recipe, he added quite a lot of red wine to the sauce. His special spaghetti bolognese is still a recipe that I make today. I always make sure there are leftovers to eat the next day.


Best Food Spot in the UK: My sweet tooth is king; anywhere I can find a good a chocolate fudge cake is good for me! The Elephant House in Edinburgh - the home of Harry Potter - makes one of the best I’ve ever tasted!  


Strangest food I’ve tried is: I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to strange food. I tend to go for something I am familiar with when eating out, as I’m always scared I might dislike a dish and go hungry! 



Laura Packham

Laura Packham


Editor & Community Manager


My Specialty Dish: As a self-confessed, unreformed sweet tooth, my passion and speciality is desserts. My Australian Pavlova in particular seems to go down a treat!


Best Food Spot in the UK: While I can appreciate the decadence of fine dining foods, I have to say I really enjoy the cheap eats found at the wonderful street food markets in and around London. These pop-up stalls and food trucks have really ignited a shift in food culture in the UK and encouraged Brits to try something a little different.


Strangest food I’ve tried is: While I was in central Australia I lended my tastebuds to Whitchetty Grub Soup, which is basically live larvae in a broth. Surprisingly it didn't taste like chicken, but rather beef!


Charlotte Allen


Charlotte Allen

Editorial Assistant 


My Specialty Dish: I made my first Lemon Drizzle Cake (the recipe actually called for more orange than lemon) for my grandmother's 80th birthday, which went down a treat with the family! Otherwise, I would say my Natural Peanut Butter Oat bars. They're really easy to make and super healthy, as all the sweet ingredients are extracted from natural products. Make sure to allow extra time for the washing up, as it's not the cleanest of bakes! 


Best Food Spot in the UK: Hands down, Wagamamas. My favourite food is Asian and while it isn't authentic Asian cuisine, Wagamamas whip up a mean stir fry. I'd recommend the Teriyaki Chicken Donburi and the Tori Karaage.


Strangest food I’ve tried: We went to Norway when I was younger, and my dad ordered Whale Carpaccio. Even a tablespoon of frying oil could not beat the oiliness of that whale. I usually love food from the sea but raw whale? Never again.


Jill Greve


Jill Greve
UK/US Editorial Assistant

My Specially Dish: I make a killer vegan pizza. Avocado pesto, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts... My Mom and I created it for my sister’s college graduation, and it was a big hit!   

Favorite food spot: 
Right outside of Houston is a small Mexican restaurant called Eduardo's, and it's my very favorite restaurant. They have amazing margarita's and daiquiris, delicious cheese dip, and the prices are super affordable.


Strangest food I’ve ever eaten: I can’t decide between bone marrow and sea urchin… One tastes like a huge, gooey booger and the
other is like swallowing, well, another gooey booger, but ocean flavoured.
Thanks for that, France.