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Top 10 American Food Habits That We Don't Understand

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1) They eat salads before the main dish.



2) Main courses are called Entrées. Entrée literally means first course in French.





3) Some Americans drink milk with their dinner instead of water.





4) All of the bread is really sweet, like brioche. Even the hamburger buns!




5) Cheese Whiz. 'Nuff said.




6) Enormous portions and free refills. Strange...but slightly awesome. (Also, why would anyone buy a large drink if the refills are free?)





7) Are you really that happy to be my waitress? And do I really have to tip you?





8) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Salty peanut butter mixed with jelly on bread? WHY?





9) Deep fried everything. The Wisconsin State Fair sells deep fried BUTTER.




10) Mac 'N Cheese in a box. Is that even food?




Are there any that we missed? Add them in the comments!

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Ha ha, these are brilliant! Yep, there are so many things we "wonder" about our American friends! As a kid I always drank milk with my dinner, but number 6 I really don't get - like you say why pay more if it's "all you can drink"?!

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