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Have Yourself A Very Easy Christmas

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Have Yourself A Very Easy Christmas

There's nothing worse than not making the most of the holiday season, which is why we all start to worry and stress over the details, the food, the entertainment and more.

Here at Gourmandize UK & Ireland, we're no strangers to the holiday hysterics, and in order to  avoid our inner banshees coming out this festive season, we've planned ahead.

So have yourself a very easy Christmas with these top tips!

1/ Start Early

Early as in now, not at 4am on Christmas morning. You'll be guaranteed a stress free day if you avoid procrastinating. If you're planning on making cakes that have a long shelf life (i.e the classic Christmas Fruit Cake) bake them a couple of months in advance, all you'll need to do is take it out of the tin when the day rolls around!


2/ Write Up Some Menus

Think of what you'll be serving your guests or family well in advance by compiling a rough menu (or a finalised one if you're an organised Christmas machine) of food, drinks and snacks. Writing a menu up beforehand will give you room for improvement and changes.


3/ Know Your Recipes

Choose recipes you've made before or know very well, you don't want to find out on Christmas Eve that you're missing out on a vital ingredient. If you can freeze some of your dishes then do so, this will free up some time for you!


4/ The Shopping List

A well-written, clear shopping list will be your best friend come Christmas time. Shopping, whether for presents or food, will be the one thing that will take up most of your time. Make a mammoth list of everything you need to get. Know when each shop stocks what, and how early it is available to buy (you may be able to purchase your turkey earlier). Cooking at Christmas is not a time to start experimenting with new techniques. If you have never made bread, now is not the time to start.


5/ Delegate Tasks

Assign roles to various family members so you don't have to do everything solo, surprisingly you'll find that they may like to help and share the fun in the kitchen. Peeling potatoes, blanching vegetables, prepping the table, whatever task you don't have time for, delegate!



These are a few good ways of reducing the stress levels, but don't forget that this is your Christmas as well. Allow time after, or during, cooking to relax, get ready or have a drink.

See our top easy Christmas recipes here!

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