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Receive a free personalised apron with your cookbook!

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Free cookbook and apron deal


        We have decided our new motto for the New Year here at Gourmandize UK is


"Sugar and spice and all good things come twice!"


Create your own Free Cookbook!


For each Deluxe book format created, we are giving away a personalised apron!

Deluxe A4 book format Cooking apron

How to benefit from this free double deal? 


1. Sign up (or log into your account).


2. Add 40 recipes (or more) using our recipe submit form.


Please add your own recipes or family recipes only. 
We do not accept plagiarism of recipes from other websites and blogs.


3. Order your free cookbook, choose the Deluxe A4 format, and order your book entirely free of charge. 


4. Once you have placed your order, send an email to or use our online form providing the following information:


- Your username.

- The name you would like to print on your personalised apron.


All our aprons are burgundy colour and we print the name of your choice in white (limited to two to four words maximum depending on word length).


You will recieve your cookbook and your personalised apron completely free of charge, including postage!


Note: This offer is from Januray 20th to March 17th 2014 and limited to one apron per Deluxe A4 cookbook ordered during this time!



If you would like to learn more about our cookbooks, click here.


*No purchase necessary and all costs, including package and postage, are free!


Totally Free Stuff WINNER..FREEBIE..YES PLEASE! UK Competitions and Freebies

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Hi there!
The offer at the moment is a Free Deluxe Cookbook and Personalised Apron for adding 40 recipes.

You can create a smaller book (for uploadng more than 10 recipes) or a larger square book (uploading more than 25 recipes). There is no apron offer currently with these books.

We hope you have a great time creating your free cookbook! :)

Commented by

Do you need to add 40 recipes to get an apron? or does it come with any book you create even if it is 10 recipes? :)

Commented by

I love it!

Commented by

We hope that you do!

Commented by

Going to enjoy this

Commented by

im looking forward to trying ur recipies x

Commented by

love to win this lovely prize

Commented by

Thank-you' looking forward to trying the recipes x

Commented by

Hi, that's great! We're looking forward to discovering what recipes you will add!

Commented by

Love iy

Commented by

New and improved book design! Christmas Baking Competition Winners