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Easy dish recipes - 3 recipes

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How to trim and tie a roast

In this video, we show you the best way to trim and tie a roast, all by yourself! You don't need the butcher or supermarket to do it for you when it's so easy to do it at home. 

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Cook the potatoes in a pressure cooker

  • - Potatoes
  • - Salt and pepper
  • - Laughing Cow cheese and creme fraiche
  • - Olive oil
  • - Herbs de provence
  • - A green salad (for side dish)
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A soft easy dish for everyone to wake upto

  • Eggs 5-10
  • Beans
  • Oil
  • Milk
4/5 (10 Votes)


Easy dish to make to feed people helping you move home

  • 250g of dried wholemeal pasta
  • frozen sweetcorn (lots)
  • 10-12 sundried tomatoes
  • handful of fresh basil
  • pine kernels
  • olive oil or pesto (even better home made pesto)
  • lots of grated cheese to serve
  • salt
  • pepper
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