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Extra cheesy crumbling quiche


Follow this recipe for the cheesiest quiche with a delicious flaky cheese filled base.

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  • Puff Pastry (If you can't make this buy some for an easy and quick solution)
  • Boursin cheese
  • Extra strong Extra mature cheese
  • 6 onions
  • 6 eggs
  • 500ml milk
  • 1 small boiled and mashed potato


servings 4
Level of difficulty Difficult
Preparation time 60mins
Cooking time 20mins
Cost Average budget


Step 1

Boil and mash a small potato ready to add as an ingredient to your quiche.
Prepare and roll out your puff pastry and spread boursin cheese over the surface, fold this in and roll out a few additional times to have extra cheesy layers within your pastry crust to burst with flavour, garlic or black pepper boursin is recommended for this stage.
Place the pastry into a dish and blind bake, remember to fork the surface so only slight rising occurs in the center.

Step 2

Whisk the eggs and milk together to allow plenty of bubbles for a light texture, mix the cheese and finely diced onion together with your mashed potato mixture and fold this into the mixture, if you wish to whisk for extra large air pockets feel free to do so. Keeping the onions raw is preferable as they will soften during the cooking process naturally and you do not wan't caramalised onions as this will not suit the dish.

Step 3

Pour the mixture into the base and bake at 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes until lightly golden on top and you can press a knife through the center without liquid contents attaching to the knife and you have a firm texture.

Step 4

Slice and serve with your choice of salad for a colourful meal.

Use a strong cheese to bring out the quiche flavour as opposed to making a boring flan, feel free to add additional cheeses to the mixture to make every mouthful different, in this instance you would seperate the mash and onion mixture for each cheese and gently fold the different flavours into the eggs and milk to maintain the flavour integrity.

For an extra cheesy surface grate a thin layer of cheese on the surface for a satisfying crispy cheesy surface which will crack under the fork.

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