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All About Durian

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The durian fruit originates from certain regions of South East Asia, namely Indonesia and Malaysia.

Banned on most public transportation, the exotic fruit has been known to repulse and delight. Mostly known for its smell which some people have described the scent as cheese-like, it boasts a sweet almond-y taste and is a very smooth texture. 





Durian season depends on its country of origin, the durian tree thrives in a humid environment and bares its fruit during the summer months around July (rainy season in the equatorial tropics).


How to pick it



Look for them in Asian markets. When choosing a durian, first smell the fruit. If it has a strong odor the fruit is ripe. Then protect your hands from the thorny exterior and give the fruit a shake. If you can hear a rattle, it’s another sign of ripeness. Lastly, check the exterior for any holes or bruising. If none can be found the fruit is ripe.



How to store it



The durian fruit lasts 1-2 days in the fridge. Durian also lasts well if you freeze it, simply remove the flesh and store it in the freezer.


How to prepare it



Wear protective glovesto protect your hands from the thorny outer coating of the fruit. Using a large knife cut in between the pods from the bottom of the fruit. Cut along the perimeter of the fruit making sure not to cut too deep and into the flesh. Once you have cut around the whole fruit, pry the exterior apart with your hands. Remove the fruit from each pod. The coating will need to be cut again to access every pod. Once the fruit is removed, make sure to remove the seed that lie inside the flesh. The seeds can be cooked with sugar and eaten, but raw durian seeds are toxic.



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