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All About Chicken

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You complete me, Chicken.




A versatile and budget-friendly white meat. Poultry includes fowls such as; chickens, turkeys, ducks, or geese, raised for meat or eggs. It does not however, include wild game birds, hunted for sport or food.

Poultry is the second most widely eaten meat in the world and provides nutritious food, high in protein and is relatively low in fat.

All poultry meat must be hygienically handled and properly cooked to reduce any risk of food contamination.

During the Middle Ages, wealthy royalty and nobles dined on chicken, thought to have been introduced to England by the Romans.

Today, chicken is global food of our era, used in dishes across an array of different cultures, with its mild taste and soft texture making it a versatile ingredient in any language.

Nearly every part of the chicken can be eaten, except for the bones but most commonly the legs, thighs, wings and breasts. But not to forget the giblets of the chicken, including the liver, heart and neck.

Once left with the chicken carcass, it too, can be dried, ground and used for compost.

In Season:

Chicken is in season year-round in the UK & Ireland.

How to Pick it:

There is a wide variety of chicken products both at the store and your local butcher including skinless, boneless, wings, legs (drumsticks), etc. Make sure you have the right kind of chicken piece for the recipe you have, or it may become over or under cooked.

At the supermarket, check for secure, unbroken packaging as well as the expiry date – the ‘sell-by’ date shows the last day when it can be sold.

The colour and smell are also important when picking your chook.

Avoid spoiled chickens by choosing a chicken that has a whitish or deep yellow appearance and never grey or pasty.

If there’s a strong, unpleasant odour, leave the chicken in the packaging out for a few minutes – sometime oxidation can occur inside the packaging, which can cause this smell.

However, if the smell remains it would be worth being safe rather than sorry, and give it a pass.

How to Cook it:

Do not wash your chicken.

The UK Food Standards Agency has warned against this practice revealing that the splashed water droplets can spread harmful bacteria on to human skin, kitchen countertops, clothing and cooking utensils.

Chicken is a versatile white meat that can be cooked in eight main ways including; roasted, baked, braised, poached, fried, broiled, sautéed and grilled. It is very important that chicken is cooked completely to avois the bacteria salmonella.

How to Store it:

Store chicken at the bottom on your refrigerator at the back, for up to two days, or straight into the freezer for up to one year.

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