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All About Grapes

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What did the grape say after it was crushed? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.


Come Autumn, grape season is in full swing, so make the most of it by buying a bunch and adding them to your fruit bowl!
Grapes are an excellent little fruiting berry has the ability to not only quench our thirst, but fill our stomachs, too!
Enjoy them raw or made into juice, wine, jam, jelly, and dried raisins so you make the most of what they have to offer! Seedless grapes are also widely available nowadays, so nothing is stopping you!

Known as the fruit of the vine, the grape is a fruiting berry that generally grows in clusters.
Grapes that are cultivated commercially are split into two categories: table and wine grapes.

Table grapes are to be eaten raw or used in cooking and wine grapes are only made into wine. Both can be of black and white i.e. Green or purple varieties. Table grapes tend have a thinner skin, be larger and not contain as many or any seeds.

Wine grapes tend to have a thicker skin and be sweeter. 

How to Pick Grapes

When picking table grapes look for firm fruit that is not placed to closely to the stalk. The grapes should be uniform in both size and colour and be sure to buy ones with a crunchy outer skin and juicy flesh! 

How to Store Grapes

Ripe grapes do not last very long. They are best stored in the center of your refrigerator and wrapped in a paper bag. It is recommended to take the grapes out 1 hour before you plan to eat them. You should also be sure to wash them!

How to Cook with Grapes

Grapes can be used in fruit salads, tarts, jams and sweet grain dishes. 

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As part of an Autumn salad.

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