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All About Courgettes

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Courgette by day, Zucchini by night.


Courgette, also referred to as zucchini, is a popular Summer squash.
Though, like all other squashes, Courgette can trace back to the Americas, this particular variety was first harvested in Italy. 

The courgette having only 36 calories, a high water content and up to 10 % of your recommended dietary fiber intake, presents itself as a healthy diet food.
The courgette has also been noted for having anti-cancer benefits and improving vision due to its high percentage of vitamins A and C.


In Season

Peak season for courgette is from July through to September. 

How to Pick a Courgette

The skin of the zucchini should be glossy, have no marks discolorations, or bruises. 

It should be firm and heavy ( reflecting its high water content.)

How to Store Courgette

Courgettes should be kept, unwashed in the crisper compartment of your refrigerator. 


How to Cook courgette

To wash a courgette gently rub it with a brush under warm water. Be sure to trim off the edges. Cuorgettes can be served raw, baked, sweated, au gratin and in sauce.

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