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All About Potatoes

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There are countless and varied recipes for all kinds of potatoes for hot or cold mains, classic jacket potatoes, new ideas to spice up your mash, a cold potato summer salad or hash browns! The potato is a staple food in our country and can be cooked to suit even the pickiest of eaters! A root vegetable, potatoes have been a household favourite across the world for centuries, as the fourth largest food crop, beind wheat, rice and maize.
Originating in South America, there are thousands of varieties worldwide though most are brown or cream in colour.

In season:
Potatoes are available year round in the UK and Northern Ireland, though some imported potato species may differ.

How to Pick it:
Keep in mind the type of dish you will be cooking with when choosing your spuds. Waxy spuds are great with salad whereas the floury variety of potatoes, like Russet, are excellent for a good side mash.
Potatoes that are heavy and blemish free are a good start on selecting good spuds.
Avoid those that are wrinkled, cracked, have fresh sprouts or a green tinge.
Choose potatoes of a similar side to ease the cooking process.
When cooking consider the starch content of the potatoes.
High-starch potatoes, like russets, are excellent for mash because of their light, fluffy texture once boiled.
Medium-starch potatoes, like Yukon golds, have more moisture and therefore retain their shape. While they can still be used for mashing, they are suited as a side, potato salad or in a casserole;

Low-starch potatoes, like new potatoes, do not fall apart after boiling: baking and therefore are also suited to potato salads or just with butter, pepper and s alt as a satisfying side.

How to Cook it:
Potatoes are a very versatile vegetabe and can be cooked in a multitude of ways.
Our top 10 ways to cook potatoes however, are; boiled potatoes, potato mash, potato salad, jacket potatoes, oven-fried chips, hasselback potatoes, potato chips, hash browns, potato gems, and gnocchi.

How to Store it:
Do not store potatoes in the refridgerator but rather in the cupboard, with minimal exposure to the sun to keep them from sprouting roots.
Keep your taters in a cool and dark place, with plenty of air and wrapped in paper, rather than plastic bags. Plastic bags tend to trap moisture, which will make your potatoes spoil.
Stored properly your potatoes will last longer and your larger spuds can will last weeks.
Our favourite recipes:
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