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Hamburger Me's interview

Interview by Charlotte Interview by Charlotte

We interviewed Hamburger Me!

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" Much of the stigma of American 'junk' food has been overcome by chefs doing burgers in a very British way"

Hello Hamburger Me, so tell us...

Why burgers?

Because they're possibly the finest invention since man invented cows and bread.

In your wildest dreams, where is your burger obsession and food blog going to take you?

I'd be an international man of burger mystery, scouring the planet for great burgers and working with the best chefs and ingredients to push the boundaries of burger enjoyment.

What are your thoughts on the growing 'burger craze' in the UK?

I think we've moved beyond craze and into mass market. There are great burger joints opening up all over the country and much of the stigma of American 'junk' food has been overcome by chefs doing burgers in a very British way - great ingredients, careful sourcing (and saucing) and a range of great buns - I'm all for it!

How do you go about finding new burger stands/ restaurants?

A whole host of places - I get PRs contacting me all the time about openings, I keep a finger on the pulse with social media, mainly twitter.

What was the worst burger you have ever had to test?

OMG. Can I name them here? Let's just say a big chain that's set up a burger joint off Oxford St. opposite one of my favourite joints in London. It was dry, overcooked, rubbery, tasteless and the bun was stale. Very disappointing!

What is your earliest memory involving food?

My grand finishing move as a toddler where the bowl of spaghetti goes from table to head in one, smooth action. It was a real crowd pleaser.

How do burgers differ between the US and the UK?

That’s tough. In general they tend to be very different, but a few burgers in London doff their caps to their cousins across the pond in style and taste, while others are staunchly British affairs. I think London holds its own, but ultimately burgers have been central to American culture for decades, while we're only 5-6 years in.

What is your signature burger?

I've just added a new one to my repertoire - it's a beef slider (not a mini-burger, but a burger cooked over onions) with Monterey Jack cheese in a soft bun, with a layer of crunchy Scampi Fries (yes, the ones you get in pubs).

I've recently posted the recipe up on the website and it's my new home favourite!

Which burger combination would you recommend?

I think it's very hard to beat the classic bacon cheeseburger. The other day, however, I tried a plain burger that just had anchovy butter spread inside the toasted brioche bun...that was a revelation.

Any recommendations for the best burger toppings and sides?

BACON. 'nuff said. I'm also rather partial to a truffled mac 'n cheese...

Thank you Hamburger Me for answering our questions and see you soon!
Published by Laura - 06/06/2014

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