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Formats and Sizes

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Our different formats available:


A5 book
Square book
A4 book


Book Type Small Square Deluxe - Large
No. pages From 24 to 144 From 24 to 96/144 From 24 to 144
Binding Spiral Invisible/Spiral Spiral
 Cover Soft Soft Hard
 Free when
you add
10 recipes 25 recipes 40 recipes
 Starting price


(24 pages)*


(24 pages)*


(24 pages)*

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 * an additional charge per page is added after 24 pages. See our prices page for full details


**If you have the voucher code FREE2014 all formats are free with this offer limited to one free book per member. The format is free when you add the minimum required number of recipes to your account.

Add 10 recipes for the free small book.

Add 25 recipes for the free square book.

Add 40 recipes for the free Deluxe large book.


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