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ChewtheChatUK's interview

Interview by Laurence

We interviewed ChewtheChatUK!

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Hello ChewtheChatUK, so tell us...

When did you begin your blog and what inspired you to start it?

I began the blog back in April 2011 - I'd properly moved out of my parent's house and I found cooking, baking and eating out to be an enjoyable way to unwind after a hard day at the office. I love writing too so it made sense to combine my two passions together.

In your wildest dreams, where would your blog take you as it develops in the next few years?

I read this great article about a food blogger who was paid to travel the world and blog about all the amazing dishes she ate in each country she was sent to. If that could happen to me as well that would be a dream come true.

What is your favourite dish of all time?

This is such a tough and unfair question! However I have a massive sweet tooth so I'd have to say it's my dad's baked vanilla cheesecake served with fresh strawberries. Just give me a large spoon and I'll be quiet for hours.

Your photos are great, in your opinion what makes a dish beautiful?

I'm a bit naughty and tend to eat with my eyes so I love colourful dishes and if possible intricate presentation which makes you feel guilty for demolishing the meal.

Do you have a secret weapon in the kitchen?

Funnily enough Google - if I come across an ingredient, a utensil or a technique that I'm not familiar with then just being able to Google something immediately can be a life saver sometimes.

What is your earliest memory involving food?

My earliest memory of food is not positive! I was an extremely fussy eater, which drove my parents crazy. For ages I would only eat yoghurt!

Are there any chefs that you admire in particular?

I have so many favourites but my ultimate idol is Gordon Ramsay - I love his no nonsense, perfectionist attitude.

Any last words or message for our readers?

I love the way food brings people together, encourages creativity and inspires people "to just give it a go."

Thank you ChewtheChatUK for answering our questions and see you soon!
Published by Laurence - 13/09/2013

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